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The Stanley Grundy Foundation.

The Stanley Grundy Foundation “SGF” was founded by the late Stanley Grundy CBE in 1964 with the intention of supporting other charities and voluntary bodies in a wide area of interests from Back Pain to Chess Education. SGF in its present from was incorporated in 2004 and continues this work with a particular emphasis on charities operating in the UK and in the areas of Research, Innovation and Young People.

SGF makes donations twice annually of between £2,000 and £5,000 each. These donations are generally targeted sums geared to specific projects or initiatives, rather than to support general expenditure. As a consequence SGF welcomes appeals from smaller specialised charities where these relatively small sums can make a real difference.

Areas that SGF have supported in the past with donations have included Mental & Medical Research and Facilities, Action Holidays for Post Operative Children, a UK-designed Light for the Developing World powered by Gravity, a Research Chair into Tinnitus, the development of a GCSE in Sign Language and supporting a Helpline for Young Carers.

Charities wishing to apply for an SGF donation are urged to do so briefly by email for specific projects or a defined area of action. SGF generally does not support religious, cultural or location-specific charities.